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Is this the best pillow for neck stiffness and pain?

Is this the best pillow for neck stiffness and pain? 

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a stiff or sore neck? You’re not alone. In fact, studies have revealed that up to 70% of us experience symptoms of neck stiffness which interfere with our lives on a daily basis.


There are many things which can cause this type of pain. For example, resting in unsupportive positions or sleeping with too many - or too few - pillows. Fortunately, we have the solution to this problem. But first, let's talk about that neck stiffness. 


So why do we get stiff necks? 


The UK National Health Service (NHS) and The Spine Health Organisation both describe the most common causes of neck stiffness and pain as: 


  • the neck becoming locked in an awkward position while sleeping
  • bad posture – for example, when sitting at a desk for a long time
  • a pinched nerve (often a result of a lack of mobility)

One of these causes is most likely the reason that you're feeling stiff. Think about your lifestyle for a moment. Do you spend a lot of time working at the desk, or on devices? Do you sleep on a traditional, unsupportive pillow?


The great news is that all these causes are fixable. The NHS offers a great list of Dos and Don'ts to avoid everyday neck pain and stiffness.




  1. When sleeping, make sure your head is the same height as the rest of your body
  2. Have a firm mattress
  3. Sit upright - roll your shoulders back gently and bring your neck back. 



  1. Do not keep your neck in the same position for a long time - for example, when sitting at the desk
  2. Do not sleep on your front
  3. Do not twist your neck when you're in bed

Source: NHS - How you can prevent neck pain


Now, let's dive into this a bit deeper.


The NHS's Number 1 point for how to prevent neck stiffness is

When sleeping, make sure your head is the same height as the rest of your body

This is incredibly important and something most people are not aware of. The pillow you sleep on is the biggest factor in your stiff neck (or lack thereof). 


Traditional feather pillows are in fact one of the worst options for sleeping - due to inconsistent filling and a lack of proper neck support.


Now this may come as a bit of a shock. Why do we all grow up sleeping on feather pillows? The answer is simply, that's how the ancient Greeks & Romans invented it, and not much has changed since then.


To find out what you need to look for in a pillow to relieve your neck stiffness, read on...



So what should my ideal pillow look like? 

Many academics in the field of sleep and musculoskeletal health, like Dr. Naimish Baxi M.D suggest  that “To avoid neck pain during sleep, it’s important that your neck stays ‘neutral.’” Typically, this means that your nose is inline with the centre of your spine. If your pillow is too flat, your neck will be bent backwards which causes additional pressure to the bottom of the neck. Alternatively, if your pillow is too large, or you are using too many pillows stacked together, your neck will be bent upwards, which can result in straining in the neck muscles. 



Photo - The Edison Sleep Centre 



The Best Pillow for Neck Stiffness


So when looking for the perfect pillow to support your neck and relieve your stiffness, we know you need to keep your head "neutral" and "the same height as the rest of your body". 

In order to maintain a neutral spine, when sleeping on your back and or your side (remember, it's not recommended to sleep on your front), your pillow should have the following: 


  • a relatively firm density, around 7/10
  • a material that shapes to the height and weight of your head (memory foam is perfect) 
  • a contoured dip in the middle of the pillow for sleeping on your back (this keeps your spine straight)
  • raised areas for sleeping on your side (to prevent squashing of your shoulder)

As long time sufferers of neck pain, we conducted an extended study on various different types of pillows to find out if theory matched up to reality. After trying many, many pillows of all shapes and sizes, we found some good contenders - but they were all missing certain points. 

Some had a great density, but were lacking a dip in the middle to make space for the neck (this kind of design):


 Cuscino cervicale Tempur Guanciale Original Pillow Small: Amazon.it: Casa e  cucina


Others had great ergonomic grooves but were overcomplicated, leading us to shift around during the night (this kind of design): 



 Amazon.com: MARNUR Cervical Pillow Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow for Neck  Pain Relief Ergonomic Pillow for Back Sleepers Side Sleepers and Stomach  Sleepers (24.2 x 13 x 4.52 inch/Grey Pillow case Included): Home


So after testing pillow after pillow, we eventually noted down all the learnings, went back to the drawing board and created our own.


Keenly aware of the importance of spinal alignment to relieve stiff neck, as we designed the EasySleeper pillow this remained at the forefront of our minds.


That is why our EasySleeper features a unique, concave dip in the centre - to provide the perfect, supportive resting place for your neck. This dip not only supports the neck, but ensures that the spine lies inline with the centre of the body.

Additionally, the EasySleeper’s unique memory foam is produced at the optimum density for stiff neck sufferers (7/10). Firm, but not hard, it also provides further support by moulding perfectly to the contours and natural curve of your head and neck.


Everyone's neck and spinal structure is different - that's just how we are - but by introducing slow rebound memory foam, the EasySleeper adjusts to the shape of YOUR neck, giving you the exact support you need to maintain neutral spine alignment.


This support helps to eliminate pressure or strain in the disks of the neck which cause pain and stiffness. 


If, like we were, you are tired of waking up in the morning with chronic neck pain or stiffness, and feel like you have tried everything to no avail - our EasySleeper was made for you. But don’t just take our word for it - why not take a look at some reviews from our Sleep Easy community:

“Ive been using this pillow for a few weeks now. I had really bad stiff neck and pain for months and since I’ve used neck pain has been so much better! Definitely recommend” Umme A

“After suffering a sore neck on and off a year, and tried several pillows which didn't really help, I was dubious about buying another pillow. I bought the original easy sleeper pillow and after only one night I could feel my sore neck had improved. No more waking up with a sore neck.” Denise D 

“I had terrible neck pain, I’ve been using this pillow only for a week but since then my neck doesn’t feel stiff anymore and pain has gone! It’s absolutely amazing to wake up every morning feeling fresh and not in pain. Would highly recommend it.” Martina A

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