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Why neck support is so important. 

Do you often find yourself thinking “I really need to improve my posture”? Or have you caught yourself crouching over your computer screen one too many times? Yep, we’re guilty as charged too. As national lockdowns continue and home offices begin to feel like our “New normal”,  it is important to consider the impacts that our new home-working habits are having on our health and wellbeing. After all, neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems reported after working at a computer for long periods of time.  

Often, when we think about our daily desk posture, and improving our resting positions, we tend to think only about our back and how we can best support our spine whilst working from home. However, we often overlook the importance of adequate neck support - and the knock on effect this can have on our back and shoulder health. 



Why is Neck Support so Important?

Maintaining neck support when resting is especially important as it helps to maintain the natural alignment of our spine. It also helps to support the spine’s natural curve. One of the areas most affected by poor neck support is the cervical spine  - the part that connects the bottom of your skull with the upper back (see image below). When the cervical spine is not supported or is overstretched, it can result in painful aching. Have you ever woken up with a sore or stiff neck in the morning? There’s a good chance that your current pillow does not support your cervical spine. This could also be caused by overstretching the neck when texting or leaning over laptops and computers. This is often referred to as “Tech neck “ or “Forward neck Syndrome”

Thankfully, neck aching will stop on its own if we take action to reduce overstretching in our necks. However, if we continue to over extend these muscles, our bodies will not have a chance to recuperate. This can result in long-term health complications such as chronic back pain, insomnia and joint soreness. 


Image source - Spinehealth.org 

How can I best support my neck? 


It has been scientifically proven that pillow support is crucial for those struggling with neck pain and spinal problems. Furthermore, without sufficient and restorative sleep, the body doesn’t have the opportunity to heal itself from the physical and mental stresses of the day. Therefore it is crucially important to choose a pillow that provides the support your body needs. 

What should I look for when choosing the best pillow for neck support? 

When shopping for a supportive pillow, it is important to make sure that it promotes natural spine alignment. An ideal pillow should help the neck and shoulders lie in a neutral resting position. For example, unlike other pillows on the market, our EasySleeper features a dip in the centre which allows the cervical spine to rest in alignment with the rest of the spine. In turn this will help to counteract the effects of poor posture and slouching which may occur throughout the day. 

Another key factor to consider when choosing your next pillow is the pillow’s material.  For example, when designing our EasySleeper, we found that memory foam provides the best support as it hugs the neck, and allows the spine to effortlessly maintain its natural curve. 




Here at SleepEasy, we are passionate about our product - and helping our customers to get the rest they deserve. However, we don’t want you to just take our work for it. Take a look at what our EasySleeper community have had to say about their EasySleeper experiences…  

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Whether you are struggling with neck or spinal issues, are interested in counteracting your poor work from home posture or are simply looking to cure your neck aches and pains which occur in your sleep . Why not try the EasySleeper out for yourself.