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Silk Pillow Case
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We searched far and wide for the finest silk we could find to produce our premium mulberry pillowcase. Silk is a material that has been used through the ages as a sign of wealth and prosperity, favored for its softness and beneficial properties for the hair and skin. 

It’s an ideal partner for your EasySleeper in the winter as it doesn’t get as cold as cotton, but it also regulates your temperature so you are unlikely to wake up in sweats. 

This pillow case is custom designed to meet the unusual contours of the EasySleeper pillow. This means you can say goodbye to loose fitting cotton pillow cases and enjoy a neat, tailored fit.

Product Specifications

  • 100% Mulberry Silk
  • 22 Momme 
  • Yarn count 20/22D 
  • Premium density, 92g per square metre 
  • Nourishing effects for hair and skin 
  • Ideal in the winter to keep warm

Washing Instructions

22 Momme Silk is soft and delicate, we recommend washing by hand and with cold water only.