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Overnight Lower Back Pain Relief

If you're a side sleeper that suffers from lower back pain in the morning, your sleeping posture could be the culprit. 

Poor sleeping positions can put pressure on your spine, causing its natural curve to flatten. This can also cause back strain and uncomfortable pressure on your joints.

People typically opt for complicated solutions, spending a lot on their pillows or their beds without thinking about how they sleep on them. 

But forget expensive mattresses with the latest material technology - we're here to tell you of a simple fix to improve the way you sleep, without breaking the bank.

The key to sleeping with proper posture is to keep your spine in a neutral position. 

That's it. Any time we sleep at an odd angle, we destabilise and pressurise the spine, placing additional strain on our joints that leads to pain the morning after.

The most common mistake people make is to sleep on their side without the right support between their knees.

knee pillow before

Without any knee support, the top hip swings over the bottom to rest on the bed, and the spine is taken out of alignment. This is a prime cause of morning back pain. 

Introducing the EasySleeper X

The EasySleeper X sits comfortably between the knees, providing firm support to the knees and lower-back, reducing stiffness and pain by maintaining correct spinal and pelvic alignment.

knee pillow after

In this position, the spine is correctly supported and most sleepers will experience significant reduction in knee and lower back pain.

Gradually corrects poor spinal alignment one sleep at a time.

Suitable for sleepers with arthritis, knee pain, sciatica and lower back pain.

Package Includes:

    • 1 x EasySleeper® X Knee Pillow
    • 1 x Ultra-soft washable cover

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I use this pillow?

    Most people will get the best results sleeping on their back or side, with the EasySleeper alone - not with any other pillow on top or underneath. If on your back, your head should be placed into the concave dip, while if you sleep on your side, you should use the lateral raises and place your shoulder in the space underneath the pillow.

  • What materials are used in this pillow?

    There are no additional chemicals such as fire retardants embedded into our materials. We try to keep it as natural as possible, so have only used memory foam, polyester and cotton. The zip is made from recyclable plastic.

  • What are the pillow dimensions?

    The standard pillow dimensions are 60 x 34 x 11 x 7 cm.

  • Does it really work for neck, shoulder and back pain?

    Our EasySleeper Pillow will help to align your spine and rest the muscles in your head, neck and back. Customers report experiencing relief for neck pain in particular, but also shoulder pain and pain between the shoulder blades.

  • Does it help for arm numbness?

    Yes! The contoured shape supports your neck and some of your bodyweight, leaving additional space for your shoulder under the pillow which helps reduce arm numbness during the night.

  • Will it help me keep my position while I sleep?

    The contour shape should indeed help you to remain in position and prevent tossing and turning. You should find you move less throughout the night as a result of sleeping on the EasySleeper.

  • Does the cover have a zipper? Is it washable?

    Yes, it has a full length zipper. The cover is soft and easily washable in the machine. Do not wash the pillow itself as this can damage the foam.

  • Can I buy a pillow case for this pillow?

    The pillow comes with a removable cover for hygiene purposes. You can also add an extra with your order if you’d like one to wash!

  • Does this pillow have a chemical smell?

    You should not notice any chemical smell when opening the pillow. If you do, please leave it out to air and it will disappear within a couple of hours.

  • Does this pillow damage the environment, or animals?

    Protection of wildlife and the environment is one of our core beliefs as a brand. We are proud to say that this pillow is cruelty free, vegan and recyclable.